1. Perfect integrate 50*100mm Rectangular tube with big round corner and 50*100mm positive oval tube makes the machine looks mature in fashion.
  2. Tower is of unique rectangular flat oval tube 50*120mm
  3. Movement trajectory takes advantage of good design both in and abroad, meeting people’s health needs.
  4. Unique separate designed movement trajectory,

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  1. The cushion is made of PU with once forming technology. The hardness is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and controlled to be around HBS-65±5, it assures that it’s suitable for almost all users. The leather which wraps it does not peel off or fade after getting rubbed 8000 times with a 500g weight.
  2. Saddle adjustment system:5-level adjustment system (adjustment range: 0~100mm)
  3. Cam: Quality hot rolled steel plate (8.0T) processed with laser cutting technology and guide groove are well welded to prevent distortion deformation and bring excellent durability; rust-removing process and secondary spraying bring good corrosion-resistance.
  4. Counter Weight: Material: quality steel Process: lathing, rust-removing, and secondary spraying.
  5. Pedal: PVC foam and steel kneel inside the pedal bring a high degree of comfort.
  6. Guide Rail: It’s made of alloy steel (45#, d=40mm) with high-temperature treatment, grinding, and hard chrome plating processes. It has excellent wear-ability, corrosion-resistance, and ductility; it does not bend or break.
  7. Shroud: Aluminium composite panel and new design give the shroud a gorgeous look.
  8. Pulley: The pulley (d=105mm) is made of all aluminum with casting technology; CNC technology is applied to locate bearings precisely.
  9. Shroud: Aluminium composite panel and new design give the shroud a gorgeous look.
  10. Guide Rod: Material: stainless steel hollow tube.The luster lasts for a long time. It does not get rusty after 48h of salt atmosphere test!
  11. Pulley Steel Cable: 6*19+1 standard: Twist 6 cables which are constituted of 19 steel ropes around the main steel rope.
  12. External diameter (Jacket included): 5.8mm
  13. Internal diameter (only steel): 3.5mm
  14. Max load: 1000kg


  1. Pulley: Cast iron, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS
  2. Cable: Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter
  3. Powder Coating : 2 times (silver / black / dark grey + varnish)
  4. Tube 1: Flat Elliptical tube, 50*120mm T.: 3mm
  5. Tube 2: Oblong tube, 40x80mm T.: 2.5mm
  6. Tube 3: Round tube, ø50mm T.: 3.0mm
  7. Weight Stack: made of STEEL
  8. Weight Stack Cover: overall enclosed, one-time molding PVC
  9. Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather
  10. Counter Function: recording lasting time, exercise times and the calories the users consume