BS-140 Home Use Group Bike

26,000.00 25,000.00

It is biomechanically designed and has been user-tested to ensure a comfortable, yet effective workout. Quality construction provides long-lasting durability, and micro-adjustments make it possible to fit your exercisers’ custom riding style.

BS-155 Home Use Group Bike

The Bike is scientifically designed to achieve perfection regarding upper as well as lower body workouts. It is an ideal machine to achieve your cardiovascular targets and workout goals in a safe and secure manner.

BS-160 Home Use Group Bike

The BS 160 is the perfect combination of affordability and performance for fitness and Powermax Fitness enthusiasts. It features easy micro-adjustments for a great fit, double direction with direct push emergency stop, Handle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and brake by pressing the knob.

BS-2070C Home Use Group Bike


Our top bike in the Home Use, the BS 2070C features a studio-style design and upgrades that include a drive belt with the 3-piece crank. Comes with Powermax Fitness Computer Monitor LCD display, 20 Kgs, two-way rotation post positive flywheel, Handle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, Transport wheels for easy movement.

BU-410 Magnetic Upright Bike

Upright Bike offers a comfortable and compact design that makes at home cycling easier than ever. With a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance and a step-through design, the Powermax exercise bike accommodates users of varying fitness levels.

BU-620 Magnetic Upright Bike

Pedal your way to a leaner and stronger body with the Powermax BU 620 Magnetic Upright Bike in the comfort of your home. A fitness mantra on wheels, this fitness bike has training intensity 16 level by manual.

BU-850 Magnetic Upright Bike

Get an effective aerobic workout on this Powermax Magnetic Upright Bike, BU 850. This tall bike has an adjustable seat that helps you achieve an ideal fit.


BX-110SX Bike with Back Rest

17,800.00 14,500.00

Turn any room into your own personal home gym with the Powermax BX 110 SX Foldable Bike. This unique exercise bike offers all the essential features for an invigorating cardio workout: a high density foam padded seat with height adjustment for customizability.