EC – 1400 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

The EC-1400 Commercial Elliptical Trainer benefits from extensive biomechanical research that provides exercisers with an instinctively smooth and natural feel. Three intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.

EC – 1450 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

The best thing about the EC-1450 Commercial Elliptical Trainer is that it offers an impact-free workout. This means it does not put stress on your hips, ankles, and joints and enhances your fitness while improving your balance and coordination.


EC – 1500 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

180,000.00 165,000.00

This machine is energy saving and environmental-protecting with self- generating an electricity-powered system, which is strong, stable and reliable. It is easy to be controlled with the big console.

EC – 1510 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

Are you looking forward to outfitting your gym with a new elliptical? You should take a look at this commercial EC-1510 Commercial Elliptical Trainer! Equipped with Comfy Foot Pedals, 16 levels of resistance and Touch Heart Rate Sensors, this equipment offers a great cardiovascular workout without putting much impact on exerciser’s joints.

EC – 1520 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

Suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, the Heidi machine features an anti-slip durable Footrest. What’s more, it is portable and easy to move on wheels. Improve the appeal of your gym and quality of your gym members!

EC – 1550 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

Being the largest fitness equipment importer in India, we at Powermax Fitness routinely add new fitness machines to our line. The commercial EC-1550 Commercial Elliptical Trainer is a newly inducted cross trainer that is loaded with several new features and available at a price to suit everyone’s budget.